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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Zero Movie Reviews

Hello guys how are you today I am going to review the movie Zero On my personal opinion I like the movie just a little bit because of the movie plot now let's talk about the plot of the movie The story of the movie is that there is a man named as "Baooa Singh" and he is a midget and he wants to be a successful man so he marries to differently able girl and he is also fan of a film actress he also like her very much. When is going to marry the girl he ran away from the wedding the reason for it was Some Kind Dance Competition whoos win that dance competition get a chance to meet her favourite film actress. He broke the girl heart just because of the Dance competition. After some months he realises that he made a mistake when he comes back to the girl. The performance of the star in this film accept Katrina Kaif she played the role of the film star in the movie and Shahrukh Khan as Baooa Singh and Anushka Sharma played the role of a differently able girl both did a very great job in the movie. The music of the movie is just ok type there is nothing lot much to talk about the songs of the movie. Now let's talk about the Cinematography of the film the director of the movie was Anand L.Rai and the producer was Gauri Khan and the location of the movie is kind feel like Meerut actually feel very dramatic all the time in the movie. On my personal review, I did not like the movie very much because of the plot of the movie. I hope you like my review on this film.

Thank you for reading.

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