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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Total Dhamaal Movie Reviews

I watched this movie and realized that the movie does not deserve to watch in the multiplex. The story line of movie is totally nonsense and crap. Whole movie follow a rubbish story for entertain people however the trick is not work at all. Same process happen like a guy who rob millions of money with Ajay Devgan and suddenly got died in accident. Before death he gave details to other cast about where the whole money he can hidden after deceive Ajay Devgan. After knowing the details of hidden money including Ajay Devgan they discuss about the money divided into equal parts now all other cast just want to go first and get the money. However everyone arrived to the place where money is hidden and found that it is a zoological park. some rubbish things happen here such a old story gone like villain harm all animals here for whole property area and gave poisonous food to all animals. But all the cast save all animals life and That Sit, Movie is over. Now they found the money bag and gave some money to the zoo owner. What a rubbish story do not watch it. Thank You

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