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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Surya - The Brave Soldier Movie Reviews

It is a Telugu movie Naa Peru Surya- Starring Alu Arjun and Anu Ammnuel.This novie is about a life of soldier who wants to go to border but got stuck in the army camp.Not only this he has a great anger issue which lead him to make mistakes again and again;

and Finally one day suryas boss order his suspension but also gave him one chance and what is that?

It is that he must get certified by a psychology professor which ocassionally turns out to be his father( what a dull concept of linking this two character) .

So finally surya reaches to his father and the entire films is that whether he gets succeed in his anger management or not.

Performance-Alu arjun could have done better

Songs-Comparatively to his other movies not good enough

Overall-its a ine time watch movie.

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