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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Super 30 Movie Reviews

Hello Friends, Today we will discus the Super 30 movie review.

Before seeing the movie I wanted to know what is the real story is this. Now we discuss the movie with reality that is Educational Entertainment a Hritik Roshan Acted most awaited movie Super 30.

In life money matters every thing, how money comes, it came from job, business for this education is important factor.

In India their are 2 types of schools. One for rich and another one is for poor depending on spending on money. I could not sound good to hear but the education system going on this way only.

Hritik Roshan acted Super 30 movie Challenged this education system, which dreams to equality in education system between poor and rich.

The movie based on real life story of Bihari Teacher Anand Kumar who started IIT Coaching center naming as Super 30, where children get free education and accommodation. Every year out of 30 students 25 to 26 students selects in IIT. That's really a very good social service.

Hritik Roshan played Bihari boy Anand Kumars role and He also payed a very real acting same as poor and Bihari boy.

In movie also shown education mafia who using education as business. Pankaj Tripati played a nice role, when he came on screen he freshens the mood and by seeing his character we are confused to like him or hate him but his acting is awesome. CID Abhishek played negative role and he also played a good role.

Movie is attracted students and motivational movie to all age group people. I given three stars because of Hritik Roshans acting and educational system but I cut 2 stars because following reason.

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