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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Kaashi in Search of Ganga Movie Reviews

The movie is based on two siblings, Kaashi and his sister Ganga. Sarman Joshi played the role kaashi. When Ganga goes missing, Kaashi started to find her but nobody helped him even believed that Ganga exists. A journalist ( Aishwarya Devan) only helpes him to search Ganga. This is the story of this film.

Very simple story with very simple direction. The unexpected thing is Sarman Joshi's acting in this movie is not so good. Some scenes are gone flat. The another bad things of this movie is some characters are unnecessary. Also the editing of thish movie is not good. Aishwarya Devan done very casual acting. There were no proper direction. But the second half is better than first half.

My last word is Kaashi in Search of Ganga is a average movie.

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