Total Dhamaal Movie Reviews

Total Dhamaal Movie Reviews

I watched this movie and realized that the movie does not deserve to watch in the multiplex. The story line of movie is totally nonsense and crap. Whole movie follow a rubbish story for entertain people however the trick is not work at all. Same process happen like a guy who rob millions of money with Ajay Devgan and suddenly got died in accident. Before death he gave details to other cast about where the whole money he can hidden after deceive Ajay Devgan. After knowing the details of hidden money including Ajay Devgan they discuss about the money divided into equal parts now all other cast just want to go first and get the money. However everyone arrived to the place where money is hidden and found that it is a zoological park. some rubbish things happen here such a old story gone like villain harm all animals here for whole property area and gave poisonous food to all animals. But all the cast save all animals life and That Sit, Movie is over. Now they found the money bag and gave some money to the zoo owner. What a rubbish story do not watch it. Thank You
URI The Surgical Strike Movie Reviews

URI The Surgical Strike Movie Reviews

Plot: -This movie directed by Aditya Dhar in his debut and produced by Ronnie Screwvala under the banner of RSVP Movies. This film shows Major Vihaan Singh Sherghil of the Indian Army , who plays a leadng rolein organising it.In this movie focuses about an organised attack at the Uri Army Base in 2016, his brother-in-law ( Mohit Raina) . A sorrowful Vihaan vows to seek revenge for both his brother-in-law and the country. And how he survives with his team at that time , so we can see all the events that was occoured there because this film is the real image of the Uri attack .

Performance: - The performace of all the chatacters is excellent, because the main hero Kaushal went through extensive military training for five and gained weight. All the the characters make a great intrest in this movie. Their performace will give a great message about our indian power.So, a grad solute for their performance.Kaushal trained for five hours a day and three to four of military training to enhance the stamina . He also recieved gun yrainimg at the naval base in Cuffe Parade in Mumbai. Even he injured his arm while filming an action sequence in it. Kaushal and the supporting cast ot mumbai 's Navy Nagar with captains and Major teaching them slithering , using arms and ammunitions and other drills used by the armed forces and Yami gautam underwent mixed martial arts training . She called the process of shooting as"exhausting yet enjoyable". So we can imagine the the harwork of the cast of this movie.

Music: - The music is creted by Shaswat Sachdev , and the backgroung music is too good which creates a lot intrest and energetic environment to see in the thrathre which feels that your'e in the and performing the strike, In this movie everything about music is perfect and I will rate the background music 5/5 .

Cinematography: - The cinematography made by Mitesh Mirchanda , Aal the scenes in this movie looking that it is the real strike that was organise on 2016. You will be surprised in some scenes in the movie which is very real. So we can imagine that how much this movie can earn profit.

Rating and Conclusion: - I will rate this awsome action movie 5/5 because ;

  1. It is real event that was occoured in 2016.

  2. Hard working and a lot of practise of the cast

  3. The winning part of indian army which feels prood to be indian

  4. It gives a message to all indian that we indian not are common people , In the pain situations we can do anything for sove our motherland .

So I request that you should have to watch this movie with your family. I hope you will be not bore while watching this movie. JAI HIND VANDE MAATRAM
Super 30 Movie Reviews

Super 30 Movie Reviews

Hello Friends, Today we will discus the Super 30 movie review.

Before seeing the movie I wanted to know what is the real story is this. Now we discuss the movie with reality that is Educational Entertainment a Hritik Roshan Acted most awaited movie Super 30.

In life money matters every thing, how money comes, it came from job, business for this education is important factor.

In India their are 2 types of schools. One for rich and another one is for poor depending on spending on money. I could not sound good to hear but the education system going on this way only.

Hritik Roshan acted Super 30 movie Challenged this education system, which dreams to equality in education system between poor and rich.

The movie based on real life story of Bihari Teacher Anand Kumar who started IIT Coaching center naming as Super 30, where children get free education and accommodation. Every year out of 30 students 25 to 26 students selects in IIT. That's really a very good social service.

Hritik Roshan played Bihari boy Anand Kumars role and He also payed a very real acting same as poor and Bihari boy.

In movie also shown education mafia who using education as business. Pankaj Tripati played a nice role, when he came on screen he freshens the mood and by seeing his character we are confused to like him or hate him but his acting is awesome. CID Abhishek played negative role and he also played a good role.

Movie is attracted students and motivational movie to all age group people. I given three stars because of Hritik Roshans acting and educational system but I cut 2 stars because following reason.
Surya - The Brave Soldier Movie Reviews

Surya - The Brave Soldier Movie Reviews

It is a Telugu movie Naa Peru Surya- Starring Alu Arjun and Anu Ammnuel.This novie is about a life of soldier who wants to go to border but got stuck in the army camp.Not only this he has a great anger issue which lead him to make mistakes again and again;

and Finally one day suryas boss order his suspension but also gave him one chance and what is that?

It is that he must get certified by a psychology professor which ocassionally turns out to be his father( what a dull concept of linking this two character) .

So finally surya reaches to his father and the entire films is that whether he gets succeed in his anger management or not.

Performance-Alu arjun could have done better

Songs-Comparatively to his other movies not good enough

Overall-its a ine time watch movie.

Kaashi in Search of Ganga Movie Reviews

Kaashi in Search of Ganga Movie Reviews

The movie is based on two siblings, Kaashi and his sister Ganga. Sarman Joshi played the role kaashi. When Ganga goes missing, Kaashi started to find her but nobody helped him even believed that Ganga exists. A journalist ( Aishwarya Devan) only helpes him to search Ganga. This is the story of this film.

Very simple story with very simple direction. The unexpected thing is Sarman Joshi's acting in this movie is not so good. Some scenes are gone flat. The another bad things of this movie is some characters are unnecessary. Also the editing of thish movie is not good. Aishwarya Devan done very casual acting. There were no proper direction. But the second half is better than first half.

My last word is Kaashi in Search of Ganga is a average movie.
Kabir Singh Movie Reviews

Kabir Singh Movie Reviews

What a movie this was .this movie is simply outstanding and awesome . This movie is actually based on a Love story of Kabir and prity ( shahid kapoor as Kabir sing and Kaira adwani as prity sikka)

This movie is actually is a remake of South Indian movie of Arjun Raddy

Kabir singh a angry young man wahile prity is a simple girl. Kabir sing fall in love with prity when he saw her in his college. they want get married but his parity parents not allowed them

After a log journey and lots of struggle they got married .to know how they got married go and whatch movie

I watch both movie Arjun Reddy and Kabir sing but the sewage performance of Shahid Kapoor is simply awesome his performance look same as Salman khan's movie tere naam .i think this movie name should be Tere naam 2 then this movie attract more peoples

Song of this movie is very nice every like bekhayli , tujhe kitna chahne lage hum all song and music is outstanding and so nice to listening

Overall the story , performance , song picture quality, direction , romance , action all are great

A complete movie I have ever seen
Zero Movie Reviews

Zero Movie Reviews

Hello guys how are you today I am going to review the movie Zero On my personal opinion I like the movie just a little bit because of the movie plot now let's talk about the plot of the movie The story of the movie is that there is a man named as "Baooa Singh" and he is a midget and he wants to be a successful man so he marries to differently able girl and he is also fan of a film actress he also like her very much. When is going to marry the girl he ran away from the wedding the reason for it was Some Kind Dance Competition whoos win that dance competition get a chance to meet her favourite film actress. He broke the girl heart just because of the Dance competition. After some months he realises that he made a mistake when he comes back to the girl. The performance of the star in this film accept Katrina Kaif she played the role of the film star in the movie and Shahrukh Khan as Baooa Singh and Anushka Sharma played the role of a differently able girl both did a very great job in the movie. The music of the movie is just ok type there is nothing lot much to talk about the songs of the movie. Now let's talk about the Cinematography of the film the director of the movie was Anand L.Rai and the producer was Gauri Khan and the location of the movie is kind feel like Meerut actually feel very dramatic all the time in the movie. On my personal review, I did not like the movie very much because of the plot of the movie. I hope you like my review on this film.

Thank you for reading.